Thursday, 17 September 2015

How To Care For Your Boat

Boat owners often hunt for ways that they can use for keeping their marine vessels in good condition for a long time and protect the valuable investment. Regular maintenance is an important part of the upkeep process. Let us take a look at some of the basics for keeping that schooner of yours functional for a prolonged period.
Rinsing With Water :
If your boat travels in saline water more often, make sure that you give it a freshwater bath after every trip. Do not forget to clean any residue of salt left behind on its exterior entirely, because they can corrode the surface finish. During the task, make use of soft sponges and wash the deck, sides, hardtops and exterior fibreglass thoroughly. Rinse the canvas covers, if any, using appropriate fabric cleaners. Dry the interiors before closing up the boat, because trapped moisture can cause mildew growth and formation of rust.
Protecting The Upholstery :
In order to protect marine upholstery in Sydney from damage, treat them from time to time using commercial vinyl treatment solutions or cleaners. Wipe down the seatings with a damp cloth for eliminating salt and dirt. If there is any kind of mildew growth, clean it immediately using a mixture of ammonia and water and a medium brush. Apply wax on the seats to prevent color fading due to the UV rays. If you notice that the seats have become ratty in appearance, it would be better to get them replaced. You can either do the job of replacing vinyl upholstery of the boat seats by yourself or call in a professional to handle the task.
Flush The Engine :
If your boat is dry stored or tailored boat, recognise the fact that you need to flush traces of salt and other impurities from the cooling system using freshwater. However, make sure you do the task by following the user’s manual of the boat. You may also require to wash the sterndrive or outboard. Spraying corrosion inhibitors on the drives and engine can be a good idea, but do so as per the recommendations of the manufacturer.
Clean The Windows :
The interior as well as exterior surface of the windows in your boat will have to be cleaned using commercial cleaning agents. If they are not available, you can use a mixture of vinegar and water instead. Apply the solution on the surface of the windows and then wipe gently using a dry cloth.

Friday, 4 September 2015

Caring for Marine Upholstery Fabrics

Maintaining the upholstery used in marine vessels requires two or more deep cleans every year, augmented with surface wipe-downs on a regular basis. Marine upholstery is bound to get dirty with progress of time due to accumulation of dust, grime, mildew and other types of contaminants, and can also wear out if not cared for properly. However, proper maintenance of marine upholstery fabrics in Sydney can make them last longer and nullify the need for early replacements.

Given below are a few tips for cleaning and maintaining marine upholstery:

Cleaning Off Mould : 
In the beginning, any growth of mould or mildew accumulating on the vinyl upholstery of the particular marine vessel will have to be cleaned off. They generally begin to grow after a period of disuse. Sometimes they may be found even on the seats of boats that were covered properly. Using a solution containing ½ cup of hydrogen peroxide, 1½ cups of water and a little bit of ammonia is ideal. It is essential to scrub the top, bottom and seats of the boat until all the mildew has been removed. Protective latex gloves should be worn during the task.

Making Use of A Cleaner :
One can also use a homemade cleaning solution for eliminating the dirt and grime on vinyl upholstery of a boat. First, the solution will have to be made by mixing 2 tablespoons of dish-washing soap with around 2 litres of water. After the mixture has been combined thoroughly, it must be applied on the vinyl surfaces and allowed to stand for a few minutes. The vinyl upholstery can then be scrubbed until all stubborn dirts have been removed, and later wiped down using a piece of clean rag.

Applying Vinyl Protectant :
In order to make sure that the upholstery fabric does not fade colour, or crack and dry in the heat of the sun, a vinyl protectant must be applied for protection. However, one must be careful so as not to use something that is incompatible with vinyl. It can cause the fabric to dry out inadvertently.

Considering Repairs :
If it is found that the marine upholstery has got damaged, one should better seek professional help. Repair should always be considered as a viable option if the damages are not too severe. However, replacement would be a better choice in case of extensive damages.

Cleaning and maintaining marine upholstery can help to ensure that it lasts for a longer period of time and retains its good-as-new look.

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